We create simple and  clear interiors in smart casual style.

We consider design not in square meters, but in typical ranges.

Why White Space
Practical Philosophy
Through design, we try to convey a new way of life aimed at improving health, increasing physical activity, increasing family time and changing the culture of leisure and leisure time.

We raise issues of respect for  resources and  environmental friendliness of spaces. We are reviewing functional areas and established stereotypes. We create useful habits that will definitely affect the character of a person.
Detailed design project
The more details, complex nodes and designed solutions in the project the clearer the final picture and fewer mistakes on the construction site. Questions "which sofa to buy and   where?" , "where is the mortgage for hanging furniture placed?" and   "how to join the kitchen countertop and   window sill?"  will not. All answers are collected in a detailed design project.
Real Solutions
and work on budget
At the  design stage, real colors, furniture, art objects are selected, technological methods and  solutions are thought out so that any project can be implemented within the specified budget.
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