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Well-established process.
Predictable result.

Our final goal is a finished home that will meet your expectations and fulfill the tasks assigned to it. Established work processes make it easy to get a predictable final result and consist of the following steps:
1. Acquaintance and development of layouts
After the conclusion of the contract, measurements and filling in the terms of reference, we design up to 4 layout options. After receiving the edits, one is finalized.

The time for the development of this stage is 1-1.5 weeks.
2. Development of the concept and sketches
Based on the agreed layout, discussed examples and terms of reference, we propose the concept of the entire interior and prepare sketches for each room. At the same time, the initial equipment of the interior is being prepared.

The development time for this stage is 2-3 weeks, depending on the number of rooms.
3. Development of visualizations
All sketches with edits are displayed on the visualization. Furniture, detailed shades, textures, as well as other interior items are created as realistic as possible.

The development time for this stage is three days for each room.
4. Development of drawings
After the final approval of the visualizations, we prepare all the necessary
technical drawings that are necessary for repair work.

The development time for this stage is two weeks. Terms also depend on the area and the number of rooms.
5. Preparation of a design project and estimates
We prepare a ready-made, assembled project with all drawings and visualizations. And a separate document estimate for the configuration.