We create simple and clear interiors in smart casual style mixing minimalism, romantic style, japandi and many others.

Our philosophy

We want to convey through our design work a new, healthier lifestyle that encourages people to spend more time with family and carry out simpler activities, disconnected from digital, for greater well-being. We're breaking down some established design stereotypes to create positive habits that will likely affect your way of life.

We keep your budget in mind and value your time, as well as being environmentally conscious.

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My name is Maria Topal. I'm an architect and decorator, founder of White Space, an agency with a team of decorators, designers, 3D modelers, buyers and a digital project manager. For the last 10 years I have been designing residential houses, apartments and interiors in different countries.
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We are driven by the desire to develop "better living" through our interiors: sharing moments together with family members, carrying out more activities that are disconnected from the digital world (reading, drawing...), doing more sport, and so on.

Well-being is central to our approach to design and we promote a healthier lifestyle. That's why we also give priority to natural materials. Without forgetting aesthetics: a love of design and objets d'art is at the root of our creativity.

We work in Miami, Chicago and Paris.

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